About Talking Drum Entertainment

Talking Drum Entertainment is a visionary UK company dedicated to the development and distribution of black film and TV content. We started developing film projects in 2006 and in 2009 established a small part-time operation with the backing of Odeon Cinemas, organizing premieres and special screenings across the UK.

Our Journey

By 2011, we had transformed into Talking Drum Entertainment, quickly gaining a reputation for our unique and innovative approach to the production and distribution of black films. Today, Talking Drum Entertainment stands as one of the foremost producers and distributors of black motion pictures, continually striving to develop, produce, acquire, and distribute black films globally through various arrangements with our international partners.

Our Portfolio

Our distributed motion pictures include critically acclaimed titles such as King of Boys, Flower Girl, Tango with Me, Wedding Party II, Confusion Na Wa and Mirror Boy to name a few.

Films worked on as Development or Distribution Consultants include Half of a Yellow Sun, Gone too Far, Dr Bello, Black Gold/November, 76, Happiness Is a Four-letter Word, The Ghost and the House of Truth, Phone Swap, Better Mus Come, Figurine, Farming, Hear Me Move, Render to Caesar, Ije, B for Boy, Naked Poet, Newly Weeds, Knacklehead, Sliver Rain, Mum, Dad meet Sam, Nigeria 1914, Coma to name a few.

New Projects

We are currently developing an exciting slate of new films and TV projects, including Incensed, And the Spirit Slowly Dies, Immoral Dilemma, Who Owns the Law, Crave, Model Affair, Da White House, Kiana’s
Entanglement, and DECADENCE. Our first feature film, “it’s the Blackness,” directed by Hakeem Kae Kazim, is scheduled for release in 2024.

Our Mission

As a proud member of the UK Film Distributors Association, alongside notable companies such as Warner
Brothers, Fox, Paramount, and Disney, Talking Drum Entertainment exists to enable filmmakers who create
content based on black history, culture, society, and lifestyle to reach a global audience. Our goal is to help them achieve their commercial objectives while ensuring audiences are entertained, inspired, and informed.

Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and our proven track record, we have become a leading force in the industry, delivering thought-provoking and culturally significant films to audiences worldwide.

Daniel Davids (Eniola), Matthew James Morrison (Jordan), Marcy Dolapo Oni (Mrs Baba-Lola) and Kalu Ikeagwu (Mr Baba-Lola) in

                                                                                                     ‘It’s the Blackness’