There is no greater joy for a film maker than the end of production, you finally have that film you have been sweating on for the past three years in the Can- it’s done.

You pop open the champagne put your feet up then something hits you like a bolt out of the blue- What will ordinary Cinema goers think of my film? Will the £100,000 put aside for marketing, bring in the riches I anticipate? The most effective way to find out before you go and spend a fortune on a release is to do a Test Screening.

Industry Cross section

Test screenings are mainly used to gauge audience reaction and identify technical problems within a film before its general release so the necessary corrections can be made. It uses market research techniques which allow a carefully selected audience called a sample to preview the film and give constructive feedback via a questionnaire.

Test Screenings have been around since the beginning of film but still many independent film makers fail to utilise this cheap and effective means of getting feedback, therefore they make very costly mistakes that could have been avoided- So don’t be penny wise pound foolish as they say, get your film Test Screened by professionals and save yourself any nasty shocks on opening night……


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