By Dapo Oshiyemi

I really like Chris Rock and his recent article in the Hollywood Reporter is a great read (See link Below). I truly enjoyed his frank look into Hollywood but if I’m honest, he is only telling us what we all should already know, Hollywood is a white dominated industry but to be more precise, it is a white male dominated industry and in my opinion it will always be that, for one simple reason ECONOMICS and that’s nothing to do with race…. Avarar

As long as more white people than black people control the world’s economic resources and therefore have so much more money to spend on everything, including leisure activities, one of which film, then they will always control Hollywood and pretty much everything else.

Lets’ look at this another way, the highest grossing film of all time is Avatar ($2.8bn), followed by Titanic ($2.2bn), followed by The Avengers ($1.5bn), all these films have grossed over a billion dollars and have a mainly white cast, with white stories based on white culture, watched by a largely white audience. Now if you compare that to the highest grossing black film of all time which is Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America it grossed just $289m in 1988 as opposed to the most recent Hollywood billion dollar films of Iron Man 3 and Frozen which were made in 2013. I am sure we will see a few more billion dollar grossing films before this year runs out too. So it is quite clear to me using this simple analysis why Hollywood is a white dominated industry, they own the bakery that bakes the bread and they bake the most profitable types of bread they want to consume… full stop.

Hollywood is their party, we should move away from trying to cash in on someone else’s party and ask ourselves the question, how do we build a bakery albeit smaller that we control to bake the types of profitable bread we want? Does Nollywood, Black Hollywood, South Africa ring any bells anyone? They should ring about $12billion worth and growing…….

Chris Rock Pens Blistering Essay on Hollywood’s Race Problem- “It’s a White Industry”


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