Black People continue to be denied opportunities in the UK Film Industry
Black People continue to be denied opportunities in the UK Film Industry

Shocking Report reveals only 891 Black People employed in the UK Film Industry by Dapo Oshiyemi

Black people continue to be denied opportunities in the UK Film Industry.

When I wrote the recent report ‘Building a Commercially viable Black Segment of the UK Film Industry’. I thought things were pretty bad for ethnic minorities in the UK film industry but new information coming from the eighth Creative Skillset Employment Census 2012 shows that things have gotten even worse, with a further disturbing decline in the already depressing numbers of Black and other ethnic minorities employed in UK film.

The report states that the number of Black and ethnic minority people permanently employed in the UK film industry between 2009-2012 declined in all three of the main film sectors of production, distribution and exhibition leaving just 891 people that is 4.4% of the total workforce. The figure does exclude production freelancers.

I have finally come to the conclusion that the only way things will change is through our own collective efforts as ethnic minorities, so please let’s get our voices heard as it is vital that we get fair access to opportunities in front of and behind the camera in film. It is also very important for Government and industry decision makers to understand that the social and economic benefits of the contributions of all segments of society are vital to social stability and economic prosperity, on the other hand history has told us time and time again that the consequences for the continued exclusion of any sector of society from opportunities will only end in tears for all.

In about three weeks time I will be having a meeting with the British Film Institute’s Deputy Head of Strategic Development and this will be one of the issues I will raise. Please if you have any constructive thoughts, ideas or comments on this particular issue or any other issue affecting the Black Film or the Black community in relation to the UK film Industry please direct them to me at or just comment below.



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