Despite the recession there was no stopping the Global film industry in 2012, as Box office take grew 6% to reach a record $34.7bn. Below are the Countries that made it into this important list:

10. Brazil $800m

BrazilBrazil is considered to have the most accessible film industry amongst the so-called high-growth emerging BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

9. Spain $900m

SpainPlagued by the economic woes of a shrinking market, rampant piracy, subsidy cuts, Spain’s film industry is down on the list.

8. Italy $1.01bn

ItalyItaly is another Country whose film sector is being weighed down in recent times by the impact of the Euro Zone economic crisis.

7. Russia $1.2bn

RussiaWith only a fraction of the United State’s screens, Russia is the seventh-largest film market by Box office take and is making steady progress.

6. Germany $1.35bn

GermanyDespite being in the Euro Zone, 2012 saw Germany generate their highest ever Box office revenues increasing by 7.8%, with 135.1 million Cinema tickets sold representing an increase of 4.2%.

5. India $1.4bn

IndiaThe Indian film industry has been a powerhouse for many years now, making the largest number of films in the world, buying the highest number of tickets and having the second largest screen count. However, they only come in at number 5 in box-office revenues mainly because on average their home market has the amongst the lowest ticket prices in the world.

4. France & UK $1.7bn

France UKComing in joint fourth France and the UK’s appetite for films shows no signs of declining, as both still maintain very strong cinema going cultures.

3. Japan $2.4bn

JapanDumped off second spot, Japan must be resigned to the evitable position of playing second fiddle to China from now on in the film industry.

2. China $2.7bn

ChinaAs with everything about China these days, they have become the world’s second-biggest movie market, taking over from Japan.

1. North American $10.8bn.

North AmericanThe USA is still far ahead of any other Country for now and in no danger of being over taken but they will surely be looking over their shoulder as China continues its march forwards world domination.

South Africa & Nigeria

South AfricaNigeriaSouth Africa and Nigeria are two Countries that really should be in the Top Ten in Box office take but because both industries have serious structural problems that dream is unattainable for now.

South Africa for example has around 700 screens mainly located in areas that make it difficult for the majority Black population to access, add to the fact that not enough films are being made to cater for that audience and you begin to see why South Africa has failed to make the list.

Nigeria is humbled by this list, falling right back down to earth from the dizzying heights of being the worlds second largest film industry by virtue of films produced and getting onto this list will remain a pipe dream for Nigeria until the quality of the films being produced improves and more Screens are made available for the close to 170m population.


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