Talking Drum Entertainment is a visionary UK company dedicated to the development and distribution of black film and TV content. The company started life in 2009 as a small part-time operation with the backing of Odeon Cinemas, organising premieres and special screenings in the UK. In 2011 the company became Talking Drum Entertainment and quickly established itself as an organisation with a unique and innovative approach to the production and distribution of black film.

Today Talking Drum Entertainment has grown into one of the foremost producers and distributors of black motion pictures and still continues to strive to develop, produce, acquire and distribute black films throughout the world under a variety of arrangements with global partners.

Motion pictures distributed by Talking Drum Entertainment include Flower Girl, Tango with Me, When Love Happens, Confusion Na Wa, Last Flight to Abuja, Hoodrush, Anchor Baby, Taxi Driver, Lunchtime Heroes, Mirror Boy.

Films currently in development are And the Spirit Slowly Dies, Immoral Dilemma, Who Owns the Law, Crave and Model Affair.

Talking Drum Entertainment is a member of the UK Film Distributors Association alongside such notable companies as Warner Brothers, Fox, Paramount and Disney to name a few. 

‘Talking Drum Entertainment  exists to make it possible for filmmakers who produce content based on black history, culture, society and lifestyle, reach a global audience thereby helping them achieve their commercial objectives while ensuring the audience is entertained, inspired and informed’.