Full Consultation at pre-production and finished stage to ascertain film distribution ambitions.
We make it a point of duty to ensure that we are part of the film making process or at least have an input on the direction a film is to make an impact on its potential audience from a commercial stand-point. Key questions such as rights and license agreements are looked out for. It also affords us the opportunity to know the extent the film maker is willing to go with the film in terms of exposure, profile and financial remuneration. An important point we look out for is the commercial selling point of the film.

Advisory service on alternative film exhibition
Not all films can be released theatrically either because of the staggering cost involved or the kind of product that is being dealt with. A host of factors have to be considered before a decision is made on which route to follow for a film to be shown and make an impact. We provide unbiased advice based on the information available to us.

Film Vetting and Licensing
At the Core of our values is ensuring that quality control is intact and that every product we associate our self with meets a certain quality criteria. We also ensure that the clients are aware of the various licenses that are needed depending on the type of exhibition being considered.

Development and supervision of full Marketing strategy for theatrical release
With a number of successful releases under our belt, we are able to deliver bespoke marketing strategies that cater for the audiences the film mostly appeals to. We have a host of reliable contact that compliment our efforts to make sure each release is given the exposure it deserves.

Film Marketing
The Act of actually promoting a film on every platform possible is another expertise we pride ourselves on. Once the vetting process is complete this aspect of our operations automatically kicks in even before the marketing strategy is ready.

Cinema Advertising
Our relationship with the major exhibitors stands us in good stead in terms of visibility of our film product at the venues the films are scheduled to play. From securing prime spots for our posters to ensuring our trailers are played to fixing our standees in key areas within the cinema to securing publicity on the exhibitor’s magazine, Cinema Advertising is a major part of the service we deliver.

Facilitation of theatrical release agreement with major Exhibitors
We can pretty much guarantee a critically acclaimed and box office generating film a theatrical release deal in the UK and Ireland. We also have links to Exhibitors in Europe.

Facilitation of Corporate sponsorship for theatrical releases
The growing popularity of African films and the re-emergence of African cinema makes what we do an organisation’s dream to be apart of. Our list of corporate partners are growing by the day and we do our best to marry the right brands with our carefully selected films.

Facilitation, coordination and delivery of Film Premieres and Screenings
For the last 5 years we have single-handedly conducted and delivered the most successful and the most glamorous of premieres. We have also delivered exclusive screenings to those that may not like the idea of premieres or those that their budgets don’t stretch that far.

Legal and Administrative support
The Film distribution and Exhibition process can be very tedious and time consuming, therefore we take it very seriously that all legal issues are dealt with immediately and decisively and all administrative duties are conducted and monitored.