By Dapo Oshiyemi

Nollywood is in the mainstream media again, not that this is anything new but within the last couple of months Aljazeera and Channel 4 in the UK have made interesting programmes on the $5.1bn (£3bn) industry, except it always seems from the tone of these programmes that the world is still baffled that Nollywood even exists.

In fact the truth is there is nothing new to the raise of Nollywood except it is a Nigerian and African industry. The same fundamental elements of technology, economics and entrepreneurship that created and have sustained Hollywood since the 1900’s and possibly Bollywood are the same fundamental elements that have created and will sustain Nollywood for decades to come.

Watch the Channel 4 programme below and check out one of the featured films in the programme Talking Drum Entertainment’s up coming UK release ‘When Love Happens’ directed by Seyi Babatope and starring Weruche Opia, O.C Ukeje, Oreka Godis, Beverly Naya and Wale Ojo.

Channel 4 Boya Dee meets British Nigerian filmmakers

When Love Happens Première Release, Friday the 4th September, 2015



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